“Mama Illegal”

Going to the One World in Brussels Film Festival is not just about seeing movies! One World in Brussels hosts a variety of Panel Discussions that are lively and interesting. The International Human Rights Film Festival provides an important opportunity for documentary films to be seen by a number of policy makers and power brokers that are in a position to help bring about change. It is also a chance for film lovers, students and engaged citizens to be inspired by the powerful stories of individuals and societies fighting for a more just world. One of the movies presented at the Film Festival was “Mama Illegal”, a documentary about three Moldovan Women who seek work and happiness in Italy and Austria. More than 250 people found their way to the Goethe Institute in Brussels. The screening of the breathtaking documentary was followed by a lively discussion with the director of the movie Ed Moschitz, Victoria Pirker from Human Rights Without Frontiers and Patrick Griesser, editor of Moldovarious.

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