Fasten Seat Bălţi

„Precious oldtimer cars, colourful traditional costumes, a massive parade of thousands of people, party on the streets, concerts on the big and small stages throughout the whole day and night. This is not the carneval in Rio, this is the Balti day”, was the announcement for the live transmission of Publik TV for the city holiday in Bălţi. could not resist and with our camera onboard we drove up the (in)famous betonka to Balti to see how the locals celebrate Hramul Sf. Nicolae, their most important day in the year. Continue reading “Fasten Seat Bălţi”

Fly, Sweet Honeybee, Fly!

“A honeybee has to fly 40.000 times to produce one kilogramme of honey”, explains Aurel Popovici. He is a beekeeper and his beehives are situated in the acacia woods near the lake of Balti. “Acacia honey is the healthiest, sweetest and tastiest honey ever”, says Popovici, while serving us a soup plate full of honey with two big spoons. He is right. We are delighted! That is the best honey we have ever tasted! Continue reading “Fly, Sweet Honeybee, Fly!”