Austro-Moldovan Music Fusion

Once the Moldovan band Zdob si Zdub played at the Eurovision-Song-Contest. They delighted their audience with an unmistakable mix of Moldovan folk music, Balkan-Vibes and elements of rock music. Zdob si Zdub landed a summer hit record together with Austrian’s Hubert von Goisern in their country in 2009. wanted to know how the Moldovan version of “Koa Hiatamadl” sounds like. Continue reading “Austro-Moldovan Music Fusion”

“We could be the Switzerland of Eastern Europe”

In the second part of the interview, Başkan Dr. Mihail Formuzal talks about the new Moldovan government, the European Union and he gives insights in his daily work. The four-party-coalition „Alliance for European Integration” has taken the power in the Republic of Moldova after eight years of Communism. What does this mean for Gagauzia?

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