Istanbul and a Little Bit of Love

The best and most memorable events in my life have a weird habit – they tend to happen by chance. By pure chance I once had a free weekend, it was a totally random decision to spend it at my parents’, the only place where I watch television, and of course no one could foresee that I would watch news and see a report about Princess Elena, a cruise ship that takes idle vacationers from Giurgiuleşti, a brand-new international sea port, to Istanbul and back. Continue reading “Istanbul and a Little Bit of Love”

150-Million-Year-Old Pterodaktyl Found in Moldova

During one of Leonid Rosca’s expeditions to explore his homeland, a lump of rock stuck into his eye. In fact, it was not the rock itself, but the form of its surface. He figured out a head, a beak, eyes, bones, wings. Leonid had discovered a petrified 150-million-year-old Pterodaktyl and thus by far the oldest remains of an animal ever found in the Republic of Moldova. Continue reading “150-Million-Year-Old Pterodaktyl Found in Moldova”