Cricova – The Treasure of Moldova


Whether you are a local or a tourist, it is a fact that you will be impressed by the most imposing und largest underground wine cellar of the world – Cricova! So were we, a small family, willing to discover the most famous treasure of the country. The two hours car trip 60 metres underground, along the wine labyrinths and the guide’s exciting stories about the history and development of the cellar brought us the biggest satisfaction. Continue reading “Cricova – The Treasure of Moldova”

Dubasari – Simply Electrifying

Dubăsari, situated at the left bank of the Dniester, has its positive connotation due to the biggest hydroelectric power station far and wide. It was back in Soviet times during the Krushchev era when the Dubasari dam with a huge water reservoir was constructed. Today the Dubassarskaja GES, so the full Russian name, not only provides the PMR but also parts of the Republic of Moldova with electricity.

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Fly, Sweet Honeybee, Fly!

“A honeybee has to fly 40.000 times to produce one kilogramme of honey”, explains Aurel Popovici. He is a beekeeper and his beehives are situated in the acacia woods near the lake of Balti. “Acacia honey is the healthiest, sweetest and tastiest honey ever”, says Popovici, while serving us a soup plate full of honey with two big spoons. He is right. We are delighted! That is the best honey we have ever tasted! Continue reading “Fly, Sweet Honeybee, Fly!”

Mănastirea Chiţcani – Very Close to Heaven…

Chiţcani is the biggest religious complex on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The all-male monastery is located on the right bank of the Dniester, not far from Bender, in the village of Chiţcani. The name “Novo-Nyametskyi Sviato Voznesenskyi Cloister” signifies the status of the monastery as a successor to the original Neamţ Monastery in Romania.

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