MOLDOVAmobil picks up Moldovarious

The sun is shining, traditional Moldovan music is in the air, the pavement is full with hulls of sunflower seeds, people are standing in front of a Mercedes Sprinter. At first sight this seems to be a scene out of the daily life in the Republic of Moldova, but the setting is more than 1500 km away from Chisinau in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

The people in front of the Marshrutka are not entering the bus to get to the next village, their journey takes them virtually to the Republic of Moldova, a country which is quite unknown in Western Europe.

The MOLDOVAmobil is a touring exhibition, with the focus on culture, politics and day-to-day life in the Republic of Moldova. From 11 May till 15 July 2010 the bus tours through Berlin making more then 10 temporary stops at different locations in the capital of Germany.

The bus was transformed into a multimedia-based exhibition space where visitors can listen to different reports or see different documentaries about the Republic of Moldova, Transdniestria and Gagauzia. “It was a great technical effort to transform the bus into an exhibition room; countless cables were necessary to make the multimedia equipment working”, says Beate Wild, one of the organisers of this project.

Outside the Marshrutka there is a bus shelter, which is also part of the exhibition. Inside the shelter current news, in Russian, Romanian and English about every day life in the Republic of Moldova can be found. Visitors also have the possibility to read Moldovan magazines or newspapers.

Besides the exhibition the MOLDOVAmobil project includes several presentations, panel discussions and meetings, which take place in different locations where the MOLDOVAmobil stops. Among the highlights there was a reading of the Moldovan dramatist Nicoleta Esinencu, the presentation of the movie „Diary of a forgotten land” from Pavel Braila and a panel discussion on the Transdniestrian conflict with Victor Osipov and Vladimir Yastrebchak.

On 5 July the MOLDOVAmobil stopped in front of the Humboldt-University and the presentation of was on the agenda. Once again we want to express our gratitude to the organizers for their invitation and their hospitality. highly recommends the visit of the MOLDOVAmobil on one of their next stops in Leipzig or Mannheim. If you don`t have the chance to go there personally you can get in the bus with

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