Spirit of Woodstock

Woodstock, United States, 1969: 500.000 young Americans celebrate an ever memorable three-day rock festival. And they shout out a message to the whole word: PEACE! It is the time of the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution and the Hippies. “Make love not war”, is one of the most powerful slogans of this rock festival with cult status. In October 2008 the spirit of Woodstock came to Vadul lui Voda, Moldova. Continue reading “Spirit of Woodstock”

Moldovan Wines to Become Export Hits

The latest export rates show that Moldovan wines are on a successful run worldwide. The total export volume nearly doubled from 62 million dollars to 113 million dollars. This recent statistic, released by the Agro-Industrial Agency Mold-Vin, includes wines, sparkling wines and brandies. Interestingly, 90 per cent of the precious Moldovan wines are produced for the foreign market. Continue reading “Moldovan Wines to Become Export Hits”