Moldovarious DVD-Rom Out Now – Expect the Unexpected!

‘Europe’s poorest country’, ‘Renegade province Transdniestria’, ‘Arms smuggling’ and ‘Human trafficking’ are obviously the only phrases, which hit the headlines of continental newspapers when it comes to the Republic of Moldova.

What about Moldova’s political and economic development? How do Transdniestrians celebrate their ‘independence day’? Where exactly is Gagauzia and what traditions continue to be cultivated there? How does Moldovan wine taste? Which cultural heritage has this rather unknown part of the world to offer?

Two Austrians, Patrick Griesser and Thomas Gassler, did their research in the Republic of Moldova, Transdniestria and the Autonomous  Territorial Gagauzia.

This didactical and interactive DVD for Windows & Mac covers all the impressions, findings and results of their field research. Detailed insights in political, social, cultural and economic issues of Europe’s ‘hidden corner’ are given to you with the help of an easy-to-use menu.

Six steps to get moldovanised!

  • Get your first impressions about the Republic of Moldova, Transdniestria and the Autonomous Territorial Unit Gagauzia. Butterflies will guide you throught the audiovisual experience
  • The ‘Moldovarious – ABC’ explains basics, specialities and curiosities of the country and its regions.
  • What does life look like in this part of Europe? What are the feelings, fears and hopes of the people living there? Locals open their minds and let their hearts speak.
  • Deepen your knowledge by getting further first hand information of the Republic of Moldova, Transdniestria and Gagauzia.
  • Get more into detail! The photo gallery will lead you even to the most hidden parts of the country.
  • Get behind the scenes of Moldovarious and enjoy the bonus material.

Now it’s time to start your journey! Get your Moldovarious DVD-Rom for Euro 10,- (plus packaging) by ordering it here.