“We, Gagauzians, are a tolerant people”

Gagauzians have their own government, their own administration, their own university and with Gagauzian their own language. The highest political representative is called Başkan and sits in the capital Comrat. Moldovarious.com visited Başkan Dr. Mihail Formuzal during his public office hours and got to know more about their history, their ambitions in tourism and his opinion about the EU.
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Hier spricht Radio PMR!

Hardly any positive news hit the headlines from the officially unrecognised Pridnestrovje. That’s why the state owned Radio PMR works hard for a positive international image. Five times a week the news speaker Andrey Smolensky welcomes his German, Austrian and Swiss listeners with the words, “Hallo hier spricht Radio PMR – Hello, this is Radio PMR!” Continue reading “Hier spricht Radio PMR!”