Hier spricht Radio PMR!

Hardly any positive news hit the headlines from the officially unrecognised Pridnestrovje. That’s why the state owned Radio PMR works hard for a positive international image. Five times a week the news speaker Andrey Smolensky welcomes his German, Austrian and Swiss listeners with the words, “Hallo hier spricht Radio PMR – Hello, this is Radio PMR!” Continue reading “Hier spricht Radio PMR!”

150-Million-Year-Old Pterodaktyl Found in Moldova

During one of Leonid Rosca’s expeditions to explore his homeland, a lump of rock stuck into his eye. In fact, it was not the rock itself, but the form of its surface. He figured out a head, a beak, eyes, bones, wings. Leonid had discovered a petrified 150-million-year-old Pterodaktyl and thus by far the oldest remains of an animal ever found in the Republic of Moldova. Continue reading “150-Million-Year-Old Pterodaktyl Found in Moldova”

600 Years Bendery

Bendery, or Tighina so the Romanian name, celebrated recently its 600-year-anniversary. The city, located on the right bank of the Dniester, was gleaming brightly in new splendour: freshly painted historical houses, decorated streets, glossy anniversary posters all over and an outdoor museum of Bendery’s history brought new glory to the city and its 94.000 inhabitants. Continue reading “600 Years Bendery”