Dances with Horses

A silhouette of a man on his horse appears far out on the smooth hills of Gagauzia. Elegantly and gently he gallops closer to his stud. The charismatic rider in his forties does use neither saddle nor reins. It is Constantin Kelesh and his life is dedicated to his horses.

By the age of two, little Constantin made his first ride with his father. This experience has marked his life ever since.

Kelesh and his power horses

Today Constantin Kelesh is the proud owner of “At-Prolin”, a stud farm keeping 72 thoroughbred racehorses in Ceadir Lunga. “All my horses are power horses. They have won many national and international prizes”, tells us the Gagauzian in the racing stable. We move on to the museum in the main building. Cups, diplomas and a guest book with entries in all languages including Japanese seem to be the biggest treasures in here. Kelesh, however, shows us something with much higher value. “I ride horses, I dream about horses and I draw horses”, says the zoologist with a PhD, showing us hundreds of stunning horse pictures. He has been drawing horses for over a decade and has even sold some of his masterpieces.

Sensitive Horse Lover

Outside we stop in front of a gravestone. The father of two sons gets melancholic. “The engraved horse was my best one. After its death, I built this memorial.” There is no time to pause, though. The purebred horses have to be taken to the watering place. The sensitive horse lover jumps easily on his horse and off he goes to do his job. The job of his life…

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