Olga Koshel – the Master of Arts

Olga Koshel sits in her pottery studio in Chisinau and works on another piece of ceramics. Together with her Austrian husband Bernhard, she runs the K&K-Ceramics studio. She has to finish an order of 200 wine cups.

“I studied plastic arts here in Chisinau and in fact I am Master of Arts, but to earn a living I have to mass-produce as well”, says the smart woman ironically. Olga loves to experiment with different materials and styles. She is specialised in mingling traditional Moldovan with Japanese ceramic style. Her creative tea sets are real masterpieces. Even though she is considered to be the best potter in the whole Republic of Moldova, her parents were not too happy with their daughter’s profession. “I always have to fight for recognition. Neither my family nor most of the people here in Moldova think that this is a proper job.” Day-by-day she proves the opposite, though. There has been neither a weekend, nor a holiday in the last two years for her.

Moldovarious.com say that Olga Koshel does a great job and she is a real Master of Arts. But make up your own mind by joining us in the K&K studio!