Tiraspol – Capital of Pridnestrovje

Tiraspol, the lovely capital of Pridnestrovje, is situated in the south of the unrecognised republic along the river Dniestr. The city was founded by General Suvorov in 1792 after the ‚ÄěPeace and Friendship forever”-treaty following the Russian-Turkish war (1787-1791). Today about 130.000 people, predominantly of Russian origin, live in Tiraspol.

Although it is not easy to get into the country – there is no international airport and just two trains leave from the main station daily – all foreign visitors are welcome. Mostly if they are South Ossetian or Abkhazian citizens as they pay just half price in Tiraspol’s hotels. Moreover they will enjoy seeing their national flags flying in the wind in 25th October, Tiraspol’s main street. The countless relicts from the former USSR all around the city may be unique in the world. Locals love to stroll around the well-kept parks and along the green promenades of the Dniestr.

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