Concept – Expect the Unexpected!


The Republic of Moldova is our new neighbour in the east since 2007, the year of Romania’s membership in the EU. “Europe’s poorest country”, “renegade province Transnistria”, “weapons smuggling” and “human trafficking” are obviously the only phrases, which hit the headlines of continental newspapers. However, what about the political and economic development since Moldova’s declaration of independence in 1991? When does the first-rate Moldovan wine finally conquer Europe? Where is Gagauzia, which language is spoken there and what is taught at Comrat University, worldwide’s only Gagauzian university? Which western companies invest in the landlocked country surrounded by Romania and Ukraine and why? What about the standards of the educational system? Do the innumerable international NGOs work successfully? What are the ambitions of the Moldovan rapper, football fan or traceur? You can find answers to these and some more interesting questions on the website Patrick Griesser and Mag. Thomas Gassler do their research in the Republic of Moldova. They give detailed insights in the political, social, (sub-)cultural and economic issues of the small country.


A critical and scientific analysis of the topic “Republic of Moldova – status quo and prospects in the new Europe”


  • Short-term

Networking: Contacts, communication, an exchange of ideas are the basis for confidence. It is a short step from confidence to friendship and another one to an inernational network of enthusiastic people who share our ideas.

Intercultural cooperation: the project is open to everyone, we invite all interested Moldovans to join us. Let’s explore the unexpected parts of Moldova together!

  • Mid-term

Support and empowerment of local initiatives and projects

Raising awareness in Austria and Germany about the Republic of Moldova and Eastern European issues

  • Long-term

Development cooperation, mostly in educational and social affairs

Establishment of a model project


The website shows the Republic of Moldova from an unexpected perspective. Critical and scientifically researched articles, interviews comments of political, social, (sub-)cultural and economic issues are in focus. In the category “On the Scene” we report about the everyday life in Moldova.

  • Production of a documentary film

In cooperation with the Media Collective Wildruf we produce a professional documentary film about the Republic of Moldova. We are going to showcase the documentation at universities, schools and public events.

  • Production of a Multi-Media Show

Together with the Sound Studio P.O.T.C. we mix all facts and photos with traditional and modern music and produce a Multi-Media Show. We are going to present the Multi-Media Show at universities, schools and public events.

  • Production of a Radio Show

We produce a two-hour radio transmission about the current issues in the Republic of Moldova. Austria’s radio stations have the possibility to broadcast our radio show.

  • Scientific approach: diploma thesis

Patrick Griesser is to finish his studies in political sciences at Innsbruck University. He writes his diploma thesis about this topic. Univ. Prof. Dr. Mangott, specialised in Eastern European issues, supports him.

  • Cultural events in Moldova and Austria

Moldovans who live in Austria and vice versa should have the opportunity to organise cultural events with traditional music, dance and specialities of the local cuisine.

  • Workshops in English: journalism, project management

In small workshops up to five participants we want to share our knowledge and experience

  • Production of a trilingual children’s book – from pupils for pupils

Pupils are to talk about their everyday life in their mother tongue. An illustrated children’s book in Russian, Romanian and German can be a benefit for language teaching and personal use.