Two Girls Rock the City

Moldova’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene was at its peak in the 90s. Today, a lot of newcomer bands scream and shout for a rock revival. The two lead singers Lena Cataraga and Olga Buionovskaia are amongst the new courageous and motivated generation of Chisinau’s rockers.

Lena Cataraga, “The Songs come from my heart”

Lena is the voice and composer of “Infected Rain”, a hard rock band that describes itself as a combination of female scream, hard riffs and individual style. She spent the early days of her life in Armenia, her father’s place, Chisinau and Rome. At latter she studied English and Spanish at Sapienza University. In 2008 the 22-year-old hairdresser founded Infected Rain together with her boy friend and four more band members.

I loved Nirvana


Winner at Nasha Radio

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Open Air concerts

{mp3}rock_olga/stary melnik{/mp3}

My first vocal lessions

{mp3}rock_olga/vocal lessions{/mp3}

Infected rain history

{mp3}rock_olga/band history{/mp3}

I am out of the norm

{mp3}rock_olga/out of norm{/mp3}

Songs come from heart

{mp3}rock_olga/songs from heart{/mp3}

My childhood influences lyrics

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Live on stage in Romania



Olga Buionovskaia, “We want our Black Elephant back!”

Olga Buionovskaia loves rock music and is a passionate singer. Thus, she is part of three bands: the lead singer in “Bionic Art” and a back vocalist in “Uje Utro” and “Mate”. The language teacher talked with about the best days and the status quo of Moldova’s rock scene.

How Chisinau rocked ten years ago

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Black Elephant & Yellow Submarine

{mp3}rock_olga/black elephant yellow submarine{/mp3}

You can’t make a living

{mp3}rock_olga/as a moldovan rocker you cant make a living{/mp3}

Uje Utro has a sponsor

{mp3}rock_olga/uje utro and its sponsor{/mp3}

No more place to rock today

{mp3}rock_olga/no more place to rock today{/mp3}


Susanna Balian, “We want to highlight the diversity of Moldovan art”

Susanna Balian joined the IWCM – International Women’s Club of Moldova three and a half years ago. IWCM provides a variety of weekly and monthly activities to share experience, socialise and raise money for charity. The club members have their orgins from more than 35 nationalities and try to learn about Moldova and its rich culture. Susanna Balian worked among others as the club’s webmaster and is now in charge of IWCM events.

IWCM’s fundraising events


Aim of Night of Art


88 diverse Moldovan artists


1st glossy catalogue


…and the donation goes to…



Anastasia Stratu, “Our civilisation is under construction!”

Anastasia Stratu is a young Moldovan intellectual. After her studies of management of international economic relations and translations in Chisinau, she lived and worked in Moscow for three years. 28-year-old Stratu, who is fluent in five languages, is an expert in Moldovan history, specialising in local myths and legends. Currently she is writing her first novel. meets Mrs. Stratu:

Dynamic Chisinau

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Fairy tales, dances and songs

{mp3}ana_funky/fairy tales and songs2{/mp3}

This is heaven

{mp3}ana_funky/this is heaven3{/mp3}

We are ambitious

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I am a patriot


Civilisation under construction

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Low civil culture

{mp3}ana_funky/culture civil{/mp3}

Nepotism and corruption

{mp3}ana_funky/corruption nepotism{/mp3}

Positive trend

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