Spirit of Woodstock

Woodstock, United States, 1969: 500.000 young Americans celebrate an ever memorable three-day rock festival. And they shout out a message to the whole word: PEACE! It is the time of the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution and the Hippies. “Make love not war”, is one of the most powerful slogans of this rock festival with cult status. In October 2008 the spirit of Woodstock came to Vadul lui Voda, Moldova. Continue reading “Spirit of Woodstock”

Dances with Horses

Far out on the smooth hills of Gagauzia a man on his horse appears. Elegantly and gently he gallops closer to his stud. The charismatic rider in his forties does use neither saddle nor reins. It is Constantin Kelesh and his life is dedicated to his horses. By the age of two, little Constantin made his first ride with his father. This experience has marked his life ever since. Continue reading “Dances with Horses”

Colourful Wine Festival in Gagauzia

Gagauzians love their wine, Gagauzians are hospitable, Gagauzians know how to celebrate. Not only did they join Moldova’s official wine holiday in October, but they also celebrated their own festival “Gagauz şarabin yortusu” in the capital Comrat on a warm and sunny autumn day. It was the second edition of the Gagauzian wine festival and it was a special one. Next to reams and reams of young wine, the authorities of the autonomous territorial unit “served” also a surprisingly colourful cultural programme. Thanks to the folkloristic groups from Turkey, Romania, Transnistria, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Gagauzia, the atmosphere was exuberant. The wine and the music inspired some of the visitors and let them dance along with the professionals on stage… Continue reading “Colourful Wine Festival in Gagauzia”

Tiraspol – Capital of Pridnestrovje

Two shepherds called Stepan

Milestii Mici – The Biggest Wine Cellar Worldwide

Gagauz Yeri – The Autonomus Territorial Unit in the South

Chisinau – A Breathtaking Capital