150-Million-Year-Old Pterodaktyl Found in Moldova

During one of Leonid Rosca’s expeditions to explore his homeland, a lump of rock stuck into his eye. In fact, it was not the rock itself, but the form of its surface. He figured out a head, a beak, eyes, bones, wings. Leonid Rosca had discovered a petrified 150-million-year-old Pterodaktyl and thus by far the oldest remains of an animal ever found in the Republic of Moldova. Continue reading “150-Million-Year-Old Pterodaktyl Found in Moldova”

Day of Liberation

April 12, 2009 marked the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Tiraspol from Nazi forces in World War II. In Transnistria, the day is officially known as ‘Day of the Liberation of the City from German Fascist Invaders’. While this may not easily roll off the tongue, it is simply known to most as the ‘day of liberation’. Continue reading “Day of Liberation”

Chisinau’s Circus Comes to Life

The circus ring is full of daredevil trapeze artists and wild lions, clumsy clowns and imposing elephants, intrepid tightrope walkers and supple horses, first-class jugglers and charismatic magicians. Children’s eyes are gleaming and fascinated adults are clapping their hands with enthusiasm. All that had been nothing more than dusty memories in Chisinau, until the German artist collective “Project: Synapses” brought the unique Circ to life again. Continue reading “Chisinau’s Circus Comes to Life”

Different Colours – One Goal

The Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network called for its 9th action week in and around football stadiums all over Europe. From 16th of October to 2nd of November fans, clubs, ethnic minorities and national associations made a united effort to rid the game of racism and exclusion in unprecedentent 1000 initiatives in not less than 40 European countries. On Saturday, November 1, the action week stopped in Chisinau. Continue reading “Different Colours – One Goal”

Uncertain Future for Moldova – Part I

The presidential palace and the parliament were target of 10.000 demonstrators who gathered on Tuesday noon in Chisinau’s main street Stefan cel Mare. The furious mob, which did anything else than agree with the victory of the communists in the Sunday elections, attacked Moldovan police forces in front of the buildings and smashed countless windows by throwing stones. Continue reading “Uncertain Future for Moldova – Part I”

Cradle of Moldovan Culture

Compared to the rest of the rather unspectacular landscape in Moldova, the scenery, where the archaeological complex Orheiul Vechi is situated, is refreshengly different. Just 60 km north east of Chisinau, in the valley of the Raut River, a fabulous complex carved into a massive limestone cliff suddenly appears out of nowhere. The cultural landscape Orheiul Vechi covers 29 archaeological monuments, which were used to protect people for centuries, beginning from the Palaeolithic time till our days. Continue reading “Cradle of Moldovan Culture”

600 years Bendery

Bendery, or Tighina so the Romanian name, celebrated recently its 600-year-anniversary. The city, located on the right bank of the Dniester, was gleaming brightly in new splendour: freshly painted historical houses, decorated streets, glossy anniversary posters all over and an outdoor museum of Bendery’s history brought new glory to the city and its 94.000 inhabitants. Continue reading “600 years Bendery”