“Our civilisation is under construction!”

Anastasia Stratu is a young Moldovan intellectual. After her studies of management of international economic relations and translations in Chisinau, she lived and worked in Moscow for three years. 28-year-old Stratu, who is fluent in five languages, is an expert in Moldovan history, specialising in local myths and legends. Currently she is writing her first novel. Moldovarious.com meets Mrs. Stratu – Part II:

Civilisation in course of construction

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We have a civilisation in the course of construction. And it is very interesting to watch.



Moldovans are a very adaptable people. When they come to a place, they don’t have diasporas. They move from very low social positions higher and higher.

Low civil culture

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The level of civil culture is relatively low. We have this rude people in the streets. They don’t say thank you, they don’t apologise, when they push you.

Nepotism and corruption

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It is difficult to move on for the young generation because of corruption and nepotism. We have a lot of nepotism.

Positive trend

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It is a very complex process and difficult to describe. But still, the trend is positive.