Moldova Faces Uncertain Future

The presidential palace and the parliament were target of 10.000 demonstrators who gathered on Tuesday noon in Chisinau’s main street Stefan cel Mare. The furious mob, which did anything else than agree with the victory of the Communist Party in Sunday’s parliament elections, attacked Moldovan police forces in front of the buildings and smashed countless windows by throwing stones. When a riot commando tried to clear the space and dispersed the violent demonstrators, the situation seemed to be under control.


After a stand-off with slogans like “Down with the communists”, “Freedom” and “Revolution”, the young men and women went on rampage and re-conquered the street. The police forces could not stand the pressure of the attacking demonstrators any longer and finally retreated. Within no matter of time, the mob had access to the presidential palace and the parliament building. Computers, books, files and pieces of furniture were thrown out of the windows and fire was set in the parliament and on the streets. The cheering demonstrators celebrated “their revolution” with bottles of champagne taken out from the parliament. Under the applause of the mass, the Romanian and the EU-flag were hoisted next to the Moldovan flag on the presidency.

Burning Parliament

In the afternoon the situation calmed down. Oppositional leaders claimed new elections in their speeches and appealed to the demonstrators to continue the protests peacefully. Nonetheless the parliament went up in flames in the late evening.

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