Chisinau – Sevastopol in 50 Days

This weekend the Orthodox Church and its believers celebrate their Easter. It has been the time of abstinence and of pilgrimage. Thus approximately 80 pilgrims gathered on the religious holiday Bunei Vestiri at Chisinau’s cathedral to start their tiring drumul crucii to Sevastopol in Ucraine.

If nothing went wrong the predominantly elderly pilgrims have passed Odessa and are in the region Nicolaev right now, heading to the penisula Crim. SfĂ®ntul Vladimir, Chisinau’s Metropolit himself, issued the pilgrims the last blesses and distributed bread and wine before their cloister began on April 7. took some snapshots of the procession and prays that all pilgrims can do it until Sevastopol, where they will arrive after 50 days of walking.