“This is heaven”

Anastasia Stratu is a young Moldovan intellectual. After her studies of management of international economic relations and translations in Chisinau, she lived and worked in Moscow for three years. 28-year-old Stratu, who is fluent in five languages, is an expert in Moldovan history, specialising in local myths and legends. Currently she is writing her first novel. Moldovarious.com meets Mrs. Stratu – Part I:

Dynamic Chisinau

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When I came back, I found this absolutely crazy energy. I didn’t see this dynamics when I left six years ago. Chisinau was a sleepy town.

Fairy Tales, dances and songs

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We have beautiful fairy tales, we have beautiful legends, we have beautiful ethnic songs and dances. It is very versatile and deep.

This is heaven

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Look at the nature, at the fruits and vegetables, at the wonderful climate and the clean air. This is a big city, but we have clean air.

We are ambitious

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Young people are ambitious. The old generation doesn’t like us because we are ambitious. We have goals. We like challenges and we like to move on.

I am a patriot


I am a patriot. It is not fashionable to be a patriot. People are weird and we have an absurd humour. But I love my country.